Monday, August 1, 2016

Truth is.......

Preface: I wrote this post a long time ago, just found it, read it and decided it needed publication asap. 

If you have anyone on your Facebook friends list between the ages of 13-19 or so, chances are you've see this little back and forth commenting game referred to as "Truth Is..." From what I've gathered it's basically a passive aggressive way of getting and passing out compliments and/or insults. And we all know how much I enjoy Facebook passive aggression.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I didn't write a big ol' post about how I wondered what people thought of me, I did that, but I am going to bitch and moan about how stupid this Facebook game is. Ready? GO!

You can safely assume about 97% of juveniles between the ages of 12-17 are little assholes. They spend half of their time talking shit about everyone they see and the other half crying about how so and so is mean to them when they receive retribution. Apparently puberty causes the blood flow to shift, moving away from the brain. The first part of the brain to be affected is the part that regulates empathy, turning the once sweet child into a soulless hate monger which feasts on tears. Knowing this fact, who in their right mind would really want to know the opinions of these hormonal monsters? Follow up question, where the hell are your parents?! Unless you are some kind of miracle child birthed to a 65 year old thirteen years ago, I know these damn kids' parents know how to use facebook. Some of the crap I see teenagers posting is absolutely redonkulous, but then again I've witnessed adults post some pretty stupid shit, so maybe that high degree of class just runs in the family? I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!!!

The more I think about it, we did have a version of "Truth is.." back in my day. Yearbooks. That was your chance to leave a little note for someone and be completely truthful. Plus it was the last day of school so you wouldn't have to see them again until the fall. The yearbook entries I'd get were always about the same "You're funny! I liked having you in class! Have an awesome summer! CALL ME!"
Then one year, I asked a girl who was new that year to sign my yearbook. Here is the thing, eventually the general compliments you give to someone will get blurred into all the other compliments they receive over their lifetime and they will just remember you as a nice person. BUT when you make a snide remark, that person will forever see you as a stupid hoe. I mean, probably. So her awesome yearbook note to me was something like "I don't really know you. We had a class together."........really bitch?! I don't really know you either but fuck me for trying to befriend your stupid ass. That kind of shit is why A. I hated high school and B. Had no friends. I couldn't do the fake smile, pretend to be your friend bullshit. I mean, I may not have been the nicest person but you bet your ass I wouldn't write some bitch ass comment like that in someone's yearbook.

I'm still bitter about that shit. Like she might walk out one morning and find her house t.p.'ed and have no fucking idea what's going on because I'm sure she doesn't remember it at all. I guess that goes to show you, be careful what you write in people's yearbook. They might grow up to blog about it and you'll wake up at 3:00 a.m. to a 30 year woman and her best friend in matching spandex leotards drunkenly throwing rolls of toilet paper at your house.

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