Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Eve-hab

I think I owe everyone an update! Remember that New Year's Eve post...yeah...so....I have this friend. She's a lot like me except she is much more of a party animal. I won't tell you her real name because I don't want to embarrass her but her nickname is Coco. So I decided that Coco should come with hang out with us for New Year's because she didn't really have anything planned and I felt bad and didn't want her to spend New Year's Eve alone. Coco is a very sweet girl but she doesn't always make great life choices, New Year's Eve was no exception. Coco got a little cray cray. Here is what happened. The Lady Wolfpack (my 3 BFFS) and I all met up for a mellow night in with our mens to play a little Cards Against Humanity. I told them about poor Coco being all alone and being the super nice people my friends are, they welcomed the idea of having Coco over. So she comes over and we are all having fun, hanging out, having a couple drinks. Next thing I know I don't see Coco anywhere. Apparently no one had really noticed how much partying Coco had been doing and she was not feeling too hot. We found her in the bathroom (no shade, we've all had our turn but then again it was only about 10:45.) Poor Coco was sooo stoked about New Year's Eve, that she must have overcompensated and over did it. I can't say I blame her, obviously if you read my post about NYE you would see I too was super stoked about partying it up too. We were both really excited to hang out with our friends, one of us made good choices and the other one made not so good choices. It happens. No biggie deal, probably shouldn't rub it in her face or anything, I'm sure she already feels not so cool. So being the nice person I am, I volunteered to take Coco home and I spent my New Year's on the floor of a bathroom..with Coco. Sure we missed the ball drop but I think everyone learned a very valuable lesson about self control and knowing your limits.
I don't know when I'll hang out with Coco again, she hasn't called or text me lately, I think she is taking some time to reflect. Which good for her.

Besides Coco getting totally trashed, we spent an awesome night hanging out with our friends, playing a game and just being around people we love. I can't think of a better way to spend New Year's Eve. Except for maybe partying up in da club. :)

Bye fellow chupacabras.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Not your usual blog post.

Sometimes I get deep into random people's lives, like I see them on Twitter and then Instagram (hint: I have both those now! #ImSoHip) maybe I find their blog, then it all hits the fan. Lately it's been people who hangout with people who are on the brink of being famous. For some people this is not a big deal, they just say "Hmm. That was interesting" click off and continue with their lives. I am not one of those people, if I spend more then 15 minutes looking at your stuff, I am suddenly totally invested in this creepy, one-sided relationship. And everything you do seems super cool, and everything your friends do seem super cool. Which again is totally fine, if it's something like admiring someone's fashion or attitude, lifestyle but again this is where stuff gets weird for me and I start thinking things like 'Hmm...cocaine seems kind of cool...." or "Wow... face tattoos CAN be tastefully done". I try and be an individual but sometimes I just get caught up in things and stuff gets a little crazy for awhile. No biggie...until I end up with a sweet Mike Tyson tribal tat and in rehab for a coke problem.
Things have just been weird for me lately, I don't know if I'm just realizing I'm finally an adult or what but I have just been a huge fan of reckless behavior. I'm still kinda young (compared to some people) but I feel like I'm definitely getting into that old people category...I'm having a mid-mid-life crisis and I don't know how to handle it. I'm sure one major player in this current catastrophe is that we were all ready to have a baby and I was super confident in my baby producing skills. And the months came and went with nothing to show except for my weight gain due to getting off the meds I was on pre-baby making endeavor. It's like when you are super excited to go hiking. The whole time you're super excited to go, drive there, it's all so very fun as you wander through the woods, everything is magical! Then the little annoyances begin, you get a little sunburn, it's kind of hot out, you accidentally squat in some poison ivy and you realize you have to walk alllll the way back to the car which is really, really far away now. Then you ask yourself why?! Why am I putting myself through this torture?! (I feel like that was a terrible metaphor but I know what I'm getting at)
The second major player is my stupid 10 year high school reunion. Which I can't decide is a big deal or not. Like on the one hand I don't really care because I really don't think anyone there really give two shits about me or my life, I'm definitely NOT going to get any disappointed looks. If people even remember who I am it would probably be more like "Wow! You're not dead! Good for you!" Or it will be people who are already my Facebook friends and they will be like "Please...stop posting about your leg hair and other weird stuff. It creeps me out. And why are you wearing a wig right now?" On the other hand, it would be cool for people to talk to me. It would be even more awesome if a bunch of people could maybe act like I'm super cool with my super cool blogging and maybe mention that a lot. And I will pay you,if you do that, if I have money. Deal? DEAL! Wow that feels so good to get off my chest.

well until next time my little wombats.