Thursday, May 16, 2013

Creepity-Creep, Don't Stalk Back...

Lately something has really been bugging me. If you've ever had a blog, you might have seen under the statistics, a list of referring URLS or the websites from which people have accessed your blog. Most of the hits come from places like Google, Yahoo or Facebook but once in awhile really weird ones show up. When I first noticed these weird URLs I did the smart, internet savvy thing and Googled the address, instead of just clicking it. Turns out many of them are these creepy porn or other sketchy sites, it's a way of spamming people. You see a weird referring URL, click on it to see what it is, next thing you know your work computer screen is filled with naked lady parts and viruses. Even though I have read it is all done by an automated computer program thing, it still really creeps me out and makes me feel like there is some beard-o in a tiny hut somewhere in the Russian wilderness lurking around my blog. This new found paranoia is giving me a new perspective and my mind cannot be at easy until I go through and change some of the content I have posted to make me feel, safer I guess. Though this thought has been in the back of my mind since I first noticed it happening, the influx of these "visits" to my blog have me really on edge.

Ironically enough, this morning while I was cutting a billion bookmarks on the paper cutter at work, I had the following plot running through my head. People often leave their cell phones in public places, at work when we find these cell phones and usually look through them, just to find a home number or the number of a person we think would be with the owner so we can let them know their phone is safe and sound whenever they are able to come back and get it. Last night I joked with one of my co-workers and said if she ever saw my phone laying around, definitely look through it because I have a lot of weird stuff in there. So back to this morning, I'm cutting bookmarks and this is what pops into my head.
"Haha. I should get a notebook and pick out one of my co-workers to document everything about them everyday for like 6 months. Like what they are wearing, the things they said, make it really stalker-y and then "accidentally" drop it near them someday and when they look through it they'll be like "WTF?! WTF?! SHE'S CRAZY!!" And then I was like "OMG I should do it for everyone! It would be so funny when they found it!! Their reactions!!"

OK. Saying that out loud makes it sound super, super insane but in my eyes, knowing the sense of humor I have, it seemed really hilarious to me at the time. Now I am beginning to think that is the kind of shit I should never tell anyone because that would seriously get me locked up in a quick minute. But it made me think, how can I sit here and be so judgmental towards people I don't know, labeling them when I know what kind of crazy goes through my head everyday and I am clearly not a danger to society in anyway. Oh yeah, because they scare me. :D

I'm a special kind of nuts. Sure I have alter-egos but their existence is completely in my conscious, I am aware of them because they are just parts of my personality. And sure I've assigned them names and back stories, and they have sweet outfits. Maybe my super human, genius brain thought it was a good idea to split and personify my different ranges of emotions and personality characteristics as to make it more effortless to control my feelings. By giving myself the ability to regulate my emotions as one would say an unruly child, it leaves the majority of my brain to focus on important things such as relativity theories and dressing rabbits in hats. Maybe they are just characters I play, for all the world is a stage. Or maybe they are actually all my secret imaginary friends that also happen to be imaginary ghosts that sometimes possess my body. (*leans in and whispers* It's that one..*devious smile*)

SO! In conclusion, I'm still creeped out by all the weird phantom views of my blog, even if it's not a person, I'm going to go through and make sure I don't have anything on here I don't want Vlad and his tundra goat gawking at.

Until next time, loveyoubye!