Monday, September 14, 2015

What's Up Pussy Cat?

My sister and our friend were watching the show "Brain Games" one night when I wandered in to tell them my recent embarrassing story. I was scroll through Facebook and saw a bowl of soup:

So I was like "THIS SOUP LOOKS GOOD!" 

 It was freaking cat food. Rob thought it was hilarious. So I had to go tell them my story and I interrupted their show. They asked if I wanted to stay and watch so I did. The show is interactive and one of the quizzes or whatever was this:
Three questions. Answer quickly and out loud. 
 How often do you exercise? "Never"
What was your high school GPA? "Probably like 1.5"
How tall are you? "5'10" or so"

I answer the questions out loud and then the show goes on to say, "Now I want you to ask yourself and be honest. Did you over exaggerate or inflate your answers to any of these three questions? If you did, you're not alone!"

No. Actually I didn't inflate my answers. They were completely honest. Brutally honest. I nearly made myself cry. I think this tells you a lot about my character. Honest to a fault and would probably eat that cat food. Next time I go on an interview I am totally telling this story and the interviewer will probably give me their job.