Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's Adventure Time! Not the show.

Most of you already saw my Facebook post but for anyone who didn't I announced some big news. No, not a baby, not everything is about babies. I have the opportunity, thanks to an understanding husband, to go to Chicago in August and take part in a week long immersion training course at The Second City. I am super, super excited for this adventure and I can't wait to experience something I've only ever dreamed of doing. I know I'm not going to suddenly be chosen to join the cast of SNL or something like that, I'm not THAT unrealistic. But clearly I will probably be offered my own sitcom. Ever since I figured out how to make people laugh, I have imagined being a part of something bigger than myself. More than that I want to prove to everyone that you CAN DO IT. If you want something, GO GET IT. I work at a library, I never saw myself working at a library but I do. And I work. I come into work every day and I work. I work so we can have a house, I work so we can have a car, I work so we can pay our bills. My husband does the same thing, every day. We have worked HARD the last 8 years. We have gotten raises and promotions because of our hard work. And now finally, FINALLY I have the chance to do something I have always wanted to do because I have the money and resources to do it. This was not the path I thought would take me to this point but that's life. Sometimes things don't end up like you thought they would, this isn't a bad thing, some of the best things in life are the unexpected surprises. In 7th grade, I never thought I'd have a boyfriend but guess what I did get a boyfriend and I married the hell out of him. I was told I would live in a cardboard box, well guess what, I only use cardboard boxes to build forts INSIDE MY HOUSE, cause I have a house. I drive a Limited, we call it the unlimited, because when you get in it you are transported to a magical land where anything can happen.  You can't let fear keep you back in life. I am terrified to go to Chicago on my own, I'm scared that I'll walk into class on the first day and I won't be any good. What if I'm terrible, what if everyone hates me, what if I'm not prepared? What if I get abducted? (most likely scenario of all because I'm hilarious and everyone loves me) Seriously though, as scared shitless as I am, I am forcing myself to push through it and go. Because this could be my only chance to experience something like this...and I can't let my fear of what could happen totally screw it up.

In closing, follow your dream, don't let fear delegate what you can or can't do in life and fill your life with as much cool shit as you can. Because someday you will die and they will not let a corpse skydive, I've asked.

Love Always,