Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Working Out

So before our wedding I did the whole diet, workout thing with my best squirrel friend/matron of honor and we did a pretty good job making it to the gym a few times a week, then of course after the wedding I suspended my membership because I didn't want to pay and I knew I wasn't going to go. Plus we have a treadmill in our basement so if I ever felt the need to do anything active I could always go that route. Now that its summer again I have forced myself to realize:

1. I've gained back a little weight since the wedding

2. It’s much too hot and too ridiculous to wear a tank top and shorts over my swimsuit

3. I am pretty sure I have sugar withdrawals if I go more than a few hours without something sweet, hopefully that’s not a sign of diabetes

4. All those stupid pinterest posts are right, "No matter how slow you go you're still lapping everybody on the couch" Damn you pinterest, damn you.

Alright, so since my husband works a lot later than I do I decided today that I will start walking on the dang treadmill after work. Then tonight I ate a bunch of dinner and didn't feel like getting on the stupid thing but guess what, I did it anyway! I also decided that even little tiny decisions like choosing to jog/pee wee herman run on the treadmill deserve some recognition so YaY for me! Hey whatever it takes right?! So here is a play by play of my "workout"

Things started off well

Four Minutes in, started to get a little sweaty
About 9 minutes in, my calves are on fire (nope I didn't stretch, yes I know I'm an idiot)I stopped the treadmill to go get some water, I could barely make it up the stairs, had to use my hands a little near the top to pull myself up. Got my water, back down the stairs and find instead of pausing, it completely restarted. Not happy.
7 minutes back in, singing to Mr Roboto, started a fast jog/run and all of a sudden the thing started flashing and I was sure the stress of my weight broke the freaking thing.
*Embarrassed Panic Mode*
Realize it just came unplugged, thank god, I really didn't want to explain to Rob I broke the treadmill actually working out (Every other time I am on it I'm usually playing around flinging small children off of it or making doggie workout videos with the Terrier Squad)
Plugged back in finished what I estimated to be about a mile, everything was inaccurate due to the multiple restarts. I moaned and groaned and pee wee ran (which is when I jog with my arms straight down and have a weird perma-smile expression on my face) the entire time but I did it! I got off the couch and did something!!
It wasn't pretty but I did it!

I know, a mile is not a big deal but it's a mile more than I would have done so I will tell myself good job and brag to my husband about it when he gets home. Like I said, whatever it takes!

Oh yeah, after all that I strutted into my kitchen, all puffed up and proud and realized I had completely forgotten about the damn cinnamon rolls I made at about 9:00 tonight. I'm not going to lie, the whole time I have been typing this all I can think about is those devil swirls of cinnamon and icing. Life's tough.

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