Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day!

Well Sunday was Father's Day! My husband has a son, Dakotah, who just graduated from high school, he is a great kid and I am super lucky to have a stepson like him. My parents divorced when my little sister and I were pretty young and it was always weird for me when it came to potential step-parents. I like to think there wasn't any of that weirdness with Dakotah and hopefully there never will be. Anyway, along with him being a good kid he is also a hard worker so unfortunately he didn't get a chance to come over on Sunday, which if he ever reads this he might thank God he had to work. I'm just going to start our reminisce of Father's Day 2012 by saying I did NOT completely forget about Father's Day, I just happen to be a little unprepared, without a gift and for the first 45 minutes I was awake it might have momentarily slipped my mind. Something else you should know, sometimes I get myself in situations where I feel like there is not a reasonable solution or I'm too lazy to come up with a reasonable solution. I use a method that I call 'shock and awe', which is basically when I just do or say something way too loudly or obnoxiously to try to take the attention away from the real issue and then follow up with something else ridiculous, so everything that happens after the fact seems like an improvement! It pretty much just causes mass confusion and it's so distracting that everyone just forgets what the issue was and they focus on getting me the mental help I so apparently need.  It's not very efficient but it's how I handle life so yay!

Back to Father's Day, here is how poor Rob's day began:

A menagerie of fluffies thrust upon him while sleeping

Please note: I may have been up for 45 minutes but I didn't bother getting ready by any means so I probably looked like a monster. So imagine yourself in his shoes, sleeping sounding then suddenly awaken by a stampeding herd of critter folk, including an evil, razor-clawed lop bunny and then opening your eyes to see this:

(This is not a picture of me from Father's Day morning, it's from a bachelorette party I attended, but I assume this is close to what I look like every morning before I shower.)

So wildlife rampage, creeper from "The Ring" for a wife screaming "THE KIDS MADE YOU BREAKFAST IN BED!!" and shoving this in your face:

Dog food, hay and a carrot...on an upside Frisbee. Gotta do it big for Father's Day!

Needless to say, all I had to do for the rest of the day was to keep the rabbit in his cage and act halfway normal therefore making it one of the easiest/best Father's Day EVER! Huzzah! 

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