Sunday, August 24, 2014

Almost Famous

Even though I have a backlog of blog posts to publish, I just HAD to write this little snippet as an update from my failed Chicago plans. Still upset about that. Well since I didn't make it to Chicago this week, I was able to make it to auditions for the local production of "Annie". Why was this a big deal? #1. I can count on one hand the number of times in my adult life I have actually tried to sing in front of people. Unlike karaoke, where I majestically flail my arms around in interpretive dance, I was sober and spent several days practicing the song I would be singing. I can read the shit out of lines, I can (badly) dance like nobody's business, I can do presentations, make speeches, perform marriage ceremonies, entertain a crowd of people with little hesitation but when it comes to singing in front of people, actual quality trying my best singing. I can't do it. I get nervous, I feel stupid, I feel completely exposed. #2. I have made leaps and bounds progress since college with my social anxiety. At one time I was unable to walk into a room if there were already several people in it. I have wanted to try out for the local theater for a few years now but I always talked myself out of it at the last minute. This time I did have a friend to go with (shout out Jamie!) so it made things easier but I feel like even if she hadn't been there, I would have gone. Because sometimes you just have to do it.

They held auditions on Tuesday and Wednesday night, I went on Tuesday. I read for Grace first. When it came to the singing part of the audition, I asked them if I could sing the "Star-to-Be" portion of the song NYC instead of Grace's part because I didn't really want that big of a part and I would like to be considered for the "Star-to-Be" role instead. So I sang the "Star-to-Be" part, I was super, super nervous and I could tell I didn't sing at 100%. I read for Lily as well and the rest of the night went great. There were a lot of very talented people and I heard even more auditioned on Wednesday night.They told us we would get an email on Thursday sometime letting us know who was cast.

As promised, I received an email on Thursday and HOLY SHIT I got the part I wanted! Sure, I was probably the only one who asked for it and auditioned specifically for it but I feel pretty cool soooo don't burst my bubble or I'll cut cha.

Well that's my update. I'll post this and in a couple days I'll post one of the 3 other posts I have ready and waiting.

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