Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Cat Tale

This is actually a really, really sad story but it is also really weird so I am going to share it with you.

As you know from my very first post about how rabbits are assholes, I am a cat lover at heart and have been since I was a little seahorse of an embryo.While Brody, the orange Persian was like a child to me, I had another cat who was with me for over 16 years. His name was Peaches and yes Peaches was a boy but I was young and wanted to name him Peaches. So little Peach Pit was the son of Nala, a cream colored kitten I received from the neighbors that lived a couple miles down the road from us. Peaches was the best cat in the entire world. When we moved into my great grandmother's house, she had a black and white female cat named Tammy, Peaches and Tammy did not get along, at all. My great grandmother, God rest her soul, called Peaches King Kong and blamed him for the constant cat fights that occurred in the house even though everyone knows it was Tammy always starting shit....just saying. Anyways years came and went, eventually we brought in other cats, Smudge a big gray Persian with gold eyes who sadly we had to put down when his kidneys failed. Soprano, a chinchilla Persian, was stolen from our yard when he got out one day. Brody who was murdered by the bastard plumber who ran him down in cold blood, devastating and completely ruining my life. Through all the good and bad I always had a constant, Peaches. He could tell when you were having a bad day and would come comfort you,  playful even in his old age and loved to cuddle. We noticed slight changes in his appearance, he wasn't as filled out as he once was, his fur wasn't as fluffy but his personality never changed. After my sister and I moved out and my mom was by herself our multiple cat home turned into a one cat home, just Peaches and my mom. Then one day in 2010  I went to visit my mom when I saw Peaches laying under a bush, I said hi to him and headed inside where I saw Peaches sitting on the couch so I said hi to him and walked into the kitchen. Then I stopped, walked backwards into the living room and looked at Peaches, walked back outside, looked at impostor Peaches and yelled "WHO THE F--- ARE YOU!?!"
I asked my mom what was going on and she said that one day this other cat just started coming to her house and pretty soon he just started walking in the house. You may be wondering how someone could mistake their cat of 16 years for another cat but until you got close up, it was near impossible to tell the difference between them. It was uncanny. So since Peaches didn't seem to mind this new freak cat hanging around, my mom decided to keep him.

Ellie was always hanging out at my mom's house so she got to name him, she decided to call him "Bambi".

Peaches, the Orignal Gangsta

Bambi, the impostor

See! Freaky weird huh? Yes, it is. Ok so Bambi starts hanging around outside the house and eventually comes inside and takes over. If anyone has had multiple pets of the same species in one home and you feed them (like you should you terrible, terrible pet owner) you will notice a pecking order. Peaches has always been the first to eat and the other cats would fall into place, it's actually a very interesting dynamic to witness in domestic pets. So a few months after Bambi came, we noticed out of the blue the pecking order between the two cats changed. Peaches backed off and let Bambi start eating first. I thought it was weird but maybe because Bambi was so much bigger he bullied his way to the top spot. Everything was fine for a couple months or so, until one day my mom called and said Peaches was sick, I'm not going to go into details because it's TOO SAD. :'( So sad story, short we took Peaches to the vet and he had to be put to sleep..........It was extremely sad and I puked in the vet's parking lot. 

Continuing on. I always felt Peaches knew that he was long for this world, so when his perfect replacement came along he knew he could  give up the reins to Bambi. Even though Bambi was kind of an asshole.

Why oh WHY did I tell you this sad story? Because I posted this picture on Facebook a long time ago, it recently was rediscovered and commented on by some people and I felt like there was a long back story that needed to be told.

Yes that is really Bambi, no it is not photo shopped, no camera tricks. Bambi is ginormous. I am holding him like this:

(I found this picture on the Internet)

Cat show pose! I saw this one time on TV a long time ago and ever since then I would randomly yell "CAT SHOW!!", grab the nearest feline and do this cat show pose. So that's how I am holding him in that picture.
Anyways, Bambi took over Peaches spot. Then a few months after Peaches died, Bambi was murdered by my mom's stupid, bastard dog that she commandeered from her ex-boyfriend. He also tried to attack Ellie and the 2 year old twins (my brothers kids), that dog was an asshole.

So that entire story was devastating. But the one part was really weird.

Until we meet again! Bye.

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