Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Day

Today is the day where we exercise our right to be heard and cast our votes for the next leader of the United States of America, among other offices. I've never been super into politics, mostly because the whole thing is so overwhelming and people are adamant in hammering their opinions on who you should vote for into your head that like many other aspects in my life, it cause me to just shut down in defeat. I can barely make my own important choices throughout the day, it's miraculous that I keep myself alive. It makes me question whether or not I should have a say in how an entire country should be run but then I remember that there are plenty of people much less.... intelligent? of solid breeding? human? than I who are also making this decision, therefore it is my duty to head to the ballot box and become part of the process.

I think the biggest issue with politics is the "yeah but". Everything has two sides and based on opinion these two sides can be extremely differing. Politics, at the end of the day are black white. With a whole lot of gray in between.  Also I've been waiting to use this analogy for awhile and this is a good example:

I really like spring salad. If you don't know what that is then go find some and get back to me. But here is my issue with spring salad, I only like parts of it, the other parts I don't really like that much. So I will go to the store, buy some spring salad, go home and eat the parts I like and throw the rest away. It's wasteful and it doesn't make much since but I really, really like the parts I like. Enough so I am willing to pay for it just to pick through it to get to those parts. I could just bit the bullet and eat all of it but I really don't like those other parts and they leave a bad taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, I will never convince a store to change their entire recipe just to satisfy my specific taste. Not just because it wouldn't make any since but then it wouldn't be spring salad anymore, it would be something entirely different.

This is my stance on politics. Sometimes I don't like things as a whole. There are pieces that I can't stand but on the other hand there are parts that I really do like. Basically I have to dig through to find the parts I do like, that mean the most to me, even if that means having to also deal with all the other shit that I don't like that much.

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