Thursday, January 15, 2015

Getting To Know Yoouuuu....

When we were in Vegas earlier this spring, a very interesting conversation took place. We were at one of the casinos and stopped to put a couple dollars in the machines. Being the ADD
Me sitting next to the husband, I put a dollar in a game. "Ohh whatcha doin' Rooobb?"
Rob- "Blackjack"
Me- "DAMN IT." Puts in another dollar, "Ohhh. Blaackjack huh?"
Rob- "Yep."
Me- "SON OF A BLLEEPP." Puts in another dollar, "Hey you're doing pretty well!"
Rob- "Uh huh."
Me- "OMG I HATE THIS GAME." Puts in a five, "You are winning a lot of money there..."
Rob- "Yeah I used to be a professional blackjack player when I was in my twenties..."
Me- Spits complementary drink everywhere "WHAT?! HOW DID I NEVER KNOW THIS?!"

Ok so maybe he didn't say he was a professional blackjack player but he did say he used to play all the time and I was shocked. One would think during the months of planning a trip to VEGAS he would have mentioned that he used to be a card shark. This isn't the first time this has happened, just at Thanksgiving he told a story about how he has a bad knee because of a dangerous flight of stairs on his 21st birthday. I know he doesn't think this is the case but Rob is very secretive. Like sleeper agent secretive. So in order to form a more perfect union, I have created the "Tell Me Something" game, basically you just ask the other person to tell you something about them that you might not know. Which is actually a lot harder for me because A. I talk about myself a lot and B. Half of the things I try to tell him he doesn't want to hear about. Maybe I'm ruining the illusion of my perfectness..ha...ha...ha...

Anyway, so we were driving to the store the other day and I asked him to tell me something I didn't know. Of course he replied with "Uhh..I don't know." So I said "FINE. Here is something about me while you think." I proceeded to tell him about the time I ran for student council in 8th grade. Not a very exciting story but one that would be stolen years later by Hollywood and adapted into the film "Napoleon Dynamite". Unlike Pedro, I had no clue what I was doing, I didn't really have any guidance from anyone and no ambition to inquire into how to run for student government. I didn't campaign at all, had a half ass speech about why I should be elected and did not prepare the suggested skit but vaguely remember a baby doll being throw maybe? Please keep in mind this was the same year of the whole paranoid government conspiracy phase of my life. What do you mean I didn't get a spot on the council?! Weird!

After I told him about my terrible political run and he still didn't have anything to tell me I talked a little about being in band. I go on and on about 6th grade band  and my mad snare drum skills when SUDDENLY I hear a grumbled, "I played the saxophone for about 8 minutes....." I looked at him dead in the eye and asked "What did you just say? YOU PLAYED THE SAX?! FOR HOW LONG?!" "I dunno, about a year..." "A YEAR?!?! WHHAAATTTTT!!!"

See what I mean, a man of mystery. A regular secret squirrel. An enigma.

That's what is so awesome about getting to know someone, all the fantastic things you find out about them. Even when you've been together for years, there is always something new and exciting to learn. Sure to him it may feel like constant, emotional waterboarding but to me it is magically!

Take my lead, go get to know your neighbors, your co-workers, your significant others. I promise you will learn all sorts of interesting things and it won't be even a little annoying at all!


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