Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas & Compatability

After nearly 10 years of relationship, my husband are finally realizing what makes our relationship so great. We aren't the most passionate couple, we bicker, we both have moments when we think to ourselves why? Why am I with this person? We don't go on long, romantic walks or caress each other frequently.  But there is one thing that keeps our relationship strong. We get each other. We know what each other likes and we know what each other looks forward to. It's not even big stuff, just little stuff like the husbands undying love for Nerds Jelly Beans or him telling me "You know you're just going to end up buying that expensive foundation from the mall anyways so why are we staying in the Walmart cosmetics aisle trying to shade match you? Just go buy it." We just mesh well.
For Christmas, I opted to get him a fancy jersey that was kind of expensive and I knew he probably wouldn't buy on his own and I found a cool Breaking Bad poster that I paired with an RV Christmas ornament I hand painted to look like Walter White's mobile meth lab. Booyah!  Then I made a giant Amazon wishlist for all the little piddly crap I wanted. Being a smart man, he bought almost everything on my list but decided to make it special in his own way. We are weirdos and it's not out of the ordinary for our dogs to "give" us presents during holidays. He wrapped each gifts, there were a bunch, and labeled them accordingly as to who they were from. (I refused to give the animals any credit for my gifts to him because I was pretty proud of my gift skills and I'm a rude bitch like that.) When I opened them it went a little something like this:

From Rolo: Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and a Clinique Instant Shimmer gift set. He said because "Rolo likes when you look beautiful"

From Bella: Two new CDs "Islands" by Bear's Den and "Stay Gold" by First Aid Kit. Because "Bella loves when you sing to her."

From Saffy: New makeup brushes and a train case to hold my makeup. Because "Saffy is always destroying your stuff." True, true.

From Magnus: My sweet new Philips trimmer for my new eyebrow adventures and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in blonde. Because "Magnus wants a mohawk..." This will probably happen.

So then I get to my present from Rob: Cards Against Humanity. Because "I know deep down what a horrible person you are." 

Awwww. See, he just gets me. My other favorite line as of late to come from his mouth was the other day in the car. We were driving home and I was taking on of those quizzes online, one of the questions was "What is your weakest trait?" or something like that. The choices were smoking, drinking, emotional, lazy and cursing. So I ask him, "Hey. What's my weakest trait?" and list them off. And he says, "Emotional. You're kind of manic." He continues, "But not all the time. Like 95% of the time you're fine. But the other get in a mood and......"
What?! Me?! I acted shocked for a moment and then asked him to remind me I needed a new hairbrush because I broke mine in half on Christmas Eve during a meltdown. I mean it rarely happens but once or twice a year my anger overwhelms me and things get broken or a hole gets punched in a wall. Doesn't everyone have a picture hanging at chest height in their hallway?

Long story short, we had a pretty awesome Christmas. I have to say it was one of the best. All my siblings were there, nieces and nephew, everyone got along really well and overall it was just a really, really great time. We were all very impressed with our ability to have a solid night of togetherness without any murdering or name calling. It was the greatest present of all, besides all the new, cool shit I got. 

Well I hope everyone had a great holiday and made some memories. Keep the peace fellow man.

(And no I didn't just learn to hyperlink and yes this is my attempt to get free stuff from companies. Don't be surprised if I start writing reviews soon.)

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