Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Ops

Ever since I was a little Rachy, I have loved performing and being in the spotlight. I remember being really little, laying out on the giant mounds of snow left from the snow plow, singing to the airplanes that flew over. I knew my grandma lived far away, so I would sing to the planes just in case she was on one of them. I also loved to sing and dress up for my family, with the help of my older siblings.
Time went by and we moved from the farm into my great grandmother's house in town. I met some neighborhood friends and one day while we were out riding our bikes we noticed a news crew downtown. So we went to investigate and they asked if we wanted to be in a shot for a story they were doing about our town being chosen as the All-American City. So of course we wanted to! I still remember it like it was yesterday, there was like 4 or 5 of us, we coasted by the camera, I made sure to nonchalantly do a one handed drive-by while I sipped my drink in the other hand, daring yet hydrated. Heck yes! That was about the time I realized that I needed to seize every opportunity I had to be apart of any news story, newspaper article, or published picture. So I did just that, mostly I just try to do casual walk-behinds but I will admit I have stalked a reporter in Hy-Vee so I could get my picture in the viewpoints section. in my plumper days :D

It's not uncommon to have reporters from the newspaper stop by the library when we are having a big event, so I thought my reporter chasing days were over, I mean I'm right where the action happens! Of course I'll end up in all sorts of pictures! Then I started noticing these pictures popping up, and realized the universe was playing a cruel prank on me. I call them..."photo fails".

Presenting Dan Wardell from Iowa Public TV a surprise gift..I believe it was on their blog?

This one is from an article in the local paper about Winter Storytime.

Obviously the newspaper doesn't think I am important enough to be fully photographed, so my new plan was to just insert myself in other peoples pictures and post them on facebook, once again Thank You Microsoft Paint!

Can you even tell I'm not really there?!

The time I played back up accordian for Dierks Bentley             ^^^ They put me in back :/

Then I learned about photo bombing, my true calling in life...Some were obvious

Family Pictures, they had no idea I was back there until we got the pictures back.

Others were a little sneakier....

Can you see me? Lacey took this picture and was really creeped
out when she realized what I had done

I don't have a lot of photo bomb pictures to share because they are always on someone elses camera and it would be really weird for me to go ask people I don't know very well to send me the picture they just took at their child's graduation, because I just photo bombed it and I want to put it on my blog. So there is little proof of these so called pictures but I assure you they are out there. As you can see, I am really on my way to mastering this craft, every picture is getting a little creepier and a little stealthier. In conclusion, if you are ever taking a picture of your loved ones in a public place, look carefully, I might just be there..being creepy.

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