Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Weekend Adventure!

Well my 3 1/2 day birthday weekend is over and has ended with me gaining 4 pounds, developing a sweet new limp, a visit to the doctor's office where I got a wonderful tetanus shot and was prescribed an antibiotic that the doctor tells me can cause severe diarrhea! So I guess you'd say it was a success! Actually I had an awesome birthday, I had to work in the morning but after work I came home, my mom was over baking my birthday cake and had cleaned up my kitchen. She made a lemon sponge cake and I made lemon curd to fill it and then we "frosted" it with a whipped cream topping. It was amazing. Ellie and I had a dance party in the pool for a little while and then we ate a wonderful dinner. We BBQ'ed these little rib portions, with low-fat cheesy potatoes and baked beans, no wonder I gained 4 pounds! My mom made me this great headband that I wore all day, and I got some great gifts! We were going to have a bonfire but it was like 104 degrees out so instead we hung out in the air watching TV, which was just as good.

Yup..that's a cat card!

Then on Saturday Rob and I met his mom for lunch after that my sister, Ellie and I went fishing for a couple hours, I caught three little fish, which I was thrilled about because I haven't caught anything ALL YEAR.  During this trip I managed to cut the bottom of my foot on a rock which progressed into a limp by Monday thus me having to go get a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

Reasons why I'm not surprised when I get put on antibiotics, fish kissing...I was just really excited I finally caught something OK?!?!

After we went fishing, Rob and I went to our friends' wedding reception which was SO FUN! Great music, good food and of course the bride looked stunning! We partied til the cows came home, complete with some pretty great ribbon dancing done by my other persona, Razzle Wunderlust. She used to be an exotic dancer but she gave up the pole in hopes of a better life but sometimes when she drinks too much she goes back to her old ways. Anyways she's really into interpretive dance right now.

Oh yea! AND Rob and I got a Kindle Fire, kind of a combined birthday present for us. It's wonderful, much better than the cheap-o Black Friday sale tablet I dropped and broke a couple months ago (I was so mad at myself!).

On Sunday I went fishing again, which was a bust. When home, got groceries, made dinner, watched True Blood (YESSS!) and then at about 10:30 I had a freaking wood tick on me and screamed like a little girl while Rob yelled at me that I was a "disease carrier" for the rest of the night.

It was definitely the best birthday weekend I have ever had!

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