Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm Old & Reckless

I figured since I have nothing better to do and plenty of time on my hands, that I would re-enroll in school and start working towards a degree to have some kind of backup plan, just in case. Why not right?  Then I realized, after talking an adviser on the phone, that the college admissions officers are younger than I am. I FEEL LIKE SUCH AN OLD CREEPY PERSON. Ok they aren't THAT much younger than I am but I know for a fact one of them graduated high school the year after me.

I'm already feeling old as fuck while at work and my mom comes in to hit up the used bookstore. I go to find her to say "what up" and the volunteer tells us that "I would have thought you were sisters, not mother & daughter!" My mom is flattered and I'm horrified (no offense to my mom, she does look really young).

I spent the next 25 minutes holding back tears as I whispered to myself, "I never even got to be on Singled Out...." This is my life.

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