Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You Are What You Pretend To Be..Even a Unicorn!

I basically had the best weekend ever. Our story begins on Saturday when I walked into Kohl's and found the mecca of Peter Pan collar tops. I've literally been searching for several weeks for these fancy blouses so it was a very dramatic moment. Then on Saturday night I hung out with some pretty cool folks which was alright for the most part and THEN! ON SUNDAY! We went to Wizard World Comic Con and it was THE BEST. I had so much fun. We saw some awesome artists, I got to meet Jason Mewes, took some selfies together and got an autograph, bought a lot of cool art prints and stuff, looked deep into my soul and discovered an embarrassing passion, paid $4 for a small powerade, you know all the normal things one does while at a convention.
 Fine. I'll say it. I'm only 93% ashamed to admit it. I enjoy making costumes and wearing them, on Halloween... and also to other events such as Comic Con. It was super fun and an excellent creative outlet for me. I will not use the term "cosplay" when referring to myself because that's super lame. I just like to dress up in costumes. It's not a big deal, I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT. I'm not a weird cosplayer...... that's what I kept telling myself when I was in the bathroom at the convention center adjusting my tail and applying more purple lipstick...

Yes. I know I'm a giant nerd, I figured that out this morning when I was almost late for work because I was trying to adjust the way my new Jurassic Park employee badge was hanging from my rear view mirror. And it was set in stone when I was explaining to my co-worker that I hung it up there so it would look like I actually work there and have to show it when I drive up to get into the facility. Safety rules and precautions be damned, looking like I am a certified dino park ranger is totally worth the obstruction of my vision while driving. 

I'm just really embarrassed by the whole thing and asking myself what brought me to this point. I imagine this is the same feeling parents feel when they find out their teenage son had been collecting strands of hair he finds around and has turned them into a softball size hairball. With a face. Like I'm not really ok with it but I'm trying to understand and keep an open mind.

Here's a picture of my cospla...costume.
Husband and I getting our pose on

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