Monday, April 1, 2013

Things not to do on April Fool's Day..Super short post!

Heeyyyyy guuuyss. I miss you! I haven't posted for awhile but I wanted to give you a little somethin' , somethin'. I'll get another one up soon :D

So in honor of April Fool's Day, I spent a chunk of the day asking two of my co-workers what they thought of my terrible, terrible April Fool's Day prank ideas. Here is some of that list and some of the things they added.

1.We should close early tonight and when the director calls to bitch us out for closing without permission we can be like APRIL FOOLS!!!

2.Get 100+ signs to post in front of the library and in the morning when the boss people get to work...APRIL FOOLS!

3.Put a For Sale/For Lease sign in front of the library...APRIL FOOLS!

4. Pull the fire alarm..APRIL FOOLS!!!

5. Light a book on fire... APRIL FOOLS!!!

Sure, not many of these are appropriate April Fool's Day jokes BUT who am I to judge these pranks?! Who's to say that these terrible ideas can't someday be appreciated for the foolishness that they are? And yes, maybe #5 is considered arson but isn't the whole point of April Fools Day to be an asshole? Play jokes on innocent, unsuspecting family members, co-workers and school mates? Who did nothing to you?! To make them feel like idiots for no reason!? At least its not toothpaste Oreos, that shit is f-ed up!

That being said Rob just walked in the house with two plates on top of each other and said "I brought you cookies!" and I now need to interrogate him as to the origins of said cookies. If you never hear from me again, he poisoned me. TRUST NO ONE!

Love you. bye!

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